Welcome to Splode!

The makers of Dr. Awesome and DOOM RESURRECTION welcome you to the mysterious and beautiful world of the Splode!

Far below the surface of common perception lies a magical realm inhabited by peculiar creatures known as Splodes.

What you have come to know as a natural progression from night to day is in fact an illusion, a tireless task made possible by the short-lived but highly interactive lifespan of Splodes. For the first time ever, take a tour of the magical, mystical, and musical day in the life of a Splode.

Help them to change night to day by triggering chain reactions of 'splosions and enjoy the captivating music and imagery expelled as they 'splode their way to dawn.

Do you have what it takes to assist the Splodes with their important mission? Enjoy all the fun game modes, dynamic music and beautiful graphics on any iOS or Android device. Also, stay tuned for future updates featuring new music, additional game modes and other surprises!